Instructions for tuning in

For those of you tuning in on 21 November, here are a few simple instructions…

  • Visit the schedule page, where you will find a list of available channels and sessions. You can either click the Join channel buttons on the schedule, or click on a session to find out more about that session and its speaker(s). You can join a channel from there too!
  • When you click to join your chosen channel, you might receive a prompt similar to the one shown below. It’s really simple… just click on Open Microsoft Teams and you’ll go straight into your channel.
Click to enlarge
  • Please follow the standard etiquette when joining a channel session. Ensure your video is off and you remain on mute unless prompted otherwise by the channel host or speakers.
  • Each channel schedule will consist of a host, two or three speakers, a message from our CEO and founding chairman, and a collection of adverts to cover the refreshment/comfort break.
  • Questions can be asked on the day but please be guided by your host/speakers. Time will be limited, so if there are any unanswered questions, they will be made available on the website, along with recordings of each channel, after the event.
  • Please also remember, if there are more members of your household online at the same time as you, it could affect your network performance and you may experience technical issues. So please be mindful.